"This morning for our staff meeting we had a drumming session with Mabeth from Hands on Drumming. Our day started literally with a bang - we had a lot of fun and worked together as a team to create some great (subjective opinion) music and the energy levels in the office were greatly enhanced as a consequence. I highly recommend giving Mabeth the opportunity to enhance your teams interpersonal relationships and productivity"

Dermot Ryan, Owner Operator, House of Travel

"Thank you Mabeth for giving my team the opportunity to learn more about themselves and for me, as an employer, to have a better understanding of my team"

Julie Wintle, Managing Director, Streamline Dictation Services Limited

"Mabeth has a wonderful ability to bring together a large group of people to undertake a joint project, i.e. to make music together. She does this with a huge sense of humour that is really appreciated, captures and holds attention immediately, and her encouragement and sense of fun enabled originally unwilling participants to join in with gusto to achieve magic together in a very short time. Mabeth's contribution to a day of bringing two disparate teams together was both effective and memorable for its achievements and fun. Thank you Mabeth"

Bronwyn Anderson Organisational Psychologist , Change Dynamics Ltd.

"We found the hands on drumming session extremely helpful in our recruitment process. We had the opportunity to see the applicants dealing with new challenges and how they work with others. This would not have been possible through a standard interview process"

Kirsten Le Harivel
Co-Manager, Evolve/Wellington Youth Service

"Mabeth gave us a great end to our week with us ‘making music’ in a matter of minutes.  The drumming took all our focus so any previous stresses or meetings were instantly forgotten as we grappled with the challenging but fun task of trying different instruments and different rhythms.  Mabeth has an engaging style that involved all of us from the very beginning"

Sally Brochocka
Limb Walker Partners


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Music has the power to transform, inspire, move and motivate us. ‘Hands on’ creates an uplifting drumming session where anyone can participate without prior musical knowledge or experience.

When a group learns to make music together, it creates a powerful synergy and immediately forges strong relationships among the participants. As the music comes alive, so the communication of the team members comes alive: they develop a common language and skills that carry them way beyond the drumming experience.

For your next function, rather than just watching a performance, why not get up there yourself?

‘Hands on’ provides a range of drumming workshops - from team-building, planning days, sales conferences, product launches to any kind of celebration - for any occasion. If you want your event to be memorable, innovative & fun you can't go past Mabeth and Hands on Drumming.

Call us today on 06 2134 7807 or email mabethciurans@gmail.com

How does it work?

The event starts with an introduction to the drums and percussion instruments. Using the two simple principles of a successful team – a common vision and effective communication – we build up an orchestra of music that inspires and energises people straight away.

Each event is customised according to your specific needs. The importance of your group working as a community is stressed throughout the session. All participants are given a drum or percussion instrument and a facilitator conducts the group through a journey of music. The goal is always to highlight the importance of co-operation and team spirit. We use lots of different musical instruments and facilitation techniques so we really engage everybody.

You choose the venue, ‘hands on drumming’ provides a wide range of hand drums and percussion instruments.

Workshops usually last from 45 minutes to 2 hours but we can spend a whole afternoon on an event with performances and other team-building processes.

We can customise workshops to cater for five to 75 participants.

Prices are individually assessed depending on the number of participants in your group, your preferred location and time frame.

Team-building | Special Events