"We used Hands on Drumming for our volunteer conference. Everybody enjoyed it tremendously! It was a great way to get us all working as a team and looking round the room everyone had smiles on their faces! It was a great way to start the day and everyone was uplifted and motivated for the next part of our conference. Thank you to Mabeth who made it lots of fun and had lots of energy which she passed onto us, a truly fun and rewarding experience..."

Sally Ashton, Make-A-Wish®  New Zealand

"Mabeth joined our Halls Beach Party entertainment this year bringing along 30 odd drums for our students. I was amazed at the enthusiasm the students had to joining in and drumming. We had queues of students wanting to take part, and the 2 hours was way too short a time for many of them. We'll use Mabeth again in the future because the engagement and teamwork it creates from something so simple is unbelievable. We will definitely "Hand on" Mabeths contacts to other organisations without question"

Catriona McBean, Operations Manager, Student Union Victoria University of Wellington


"Mabeth provided the ideal ending to the ANZAAE conference. Her skill brought together a large group of people through the use of Latin American rhythms in a fun and non threatening environment. She was able to develop a well coordinated team of percussionists from a group of non experts"

Ian Bowell, President ANZAAE

"Taking the team by surprise, it was a great way to celebrate our success, giving us a taste of what you can do if you just take time to look outside the square"

Della Randall's Team
RE/MAX Villa Real Estate MREINZ

Hunters 7th birthday drumming circle party was a great success. The children were really excited and loved it"

Sandy Connon


inspiring and entertaining

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Special Events

Using drumming for any kind of event is something that every participant will remember and enjoy. It’s a surprising opportunity, something unusual and unique. Most people will never have drummed before, and certainly would not have seen a large group formed into an instant orchestra. It’s a powerfully unifying thing to do. It creates, possibly for the first time for many, an extraordinary feeling of being ‘in synch’ with others, really creating something together .

Hands on drumming - Special Workshop

A ‘hands on drumming’ event will:

  • break the ice and get everyone into a great mood
  • promote listening and tuning in to each other
  • create a climate where all contributions are valued and supported
  • break barriers of age, gender, cultural differences and hierarchy
  • provide a great experience of unity

You can use ‘hands on drumming’ workshops for:

  • Christmas celebrations
  • staff and client functions
  • after work get-togethers
  • memorable activity for special occasions
  • openings and closures of conferences
  • product launches and promotions
  • fun events to celebrate achievements


  • drum circles
  • reunions and celebrations
  • activity programmes in residential settings
  • Friday afternoon get-togethers
  • birthday parties
  • educational programmes
  • people simply wanting a good time together


The simple act of drumming together profoundly teaches the skills inherent in becoming a strong and thriving community
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