"A fabulous and fun way to put people safely out of their comfort zone and enhance their team work skills subconsciously, with a real WOW factor"

Arlene Ross
National Sales Manager, Kiwibank
Kiwi Bank - New Zealand

"The "Hands on Drumming" session we had with Mabeth was easily the highlight of our last team day. We had scheduled the session at the end of a long day where people had already been working hard and were already quite low on inspiration and energy. However, as soon as Mabeth started working with the group, the level of energy in the room - the participation, playfulness and people's willingness to step outside their comfort zone - was remarkable. The debriefing questions encouraged us to think about how playing together as a band related to our styles of working day-to-day. Some people even expressed an interest in getting their own drums for home use after the session! Mabeth herself also brings strong integrity and charisma to her work, which made “Hands on Drumming” especially memorable"

Kate Spill, National Training Programme Manager, NZ Post

"Thanks for our fabulous morning Mabeth - everyone in the team was buzzing afterwards. It was everything we had hoped for and more. As you know we are a new team with lots of challenges ahead and made up of people who have been in the organisation for a long time and quite a number of new people. The opportunity to work together, to find ways of working to our different beats and rhythms in a way that produced fabulous team results was just what we needed. And such fun a real bonus!"

Jenny Barclay, Director, Continuing Education and Executive Development, Te Whare Pūkenga, Victoria University of Wellington

"We don't have a lot of opportunities to all work together as a team, so it was great to all sit down and interact in a group-oriented and novel way. It certainly put everyone in a good headspace to start the day - relaxed, refreshed and perhaps also a little inspired...."

Seini O'Connor | Analyst
Castalia - Strategic advisors


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Corporate drumming is an interactive exercise, where each individual is involved at the same level.

Why should you do it?

Drumming in a group synchronises the thought process and brings the group closer together. After the drumming, barriers are broken and discussions take place a whole lot easier.

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A 'hands on drumming' event will:

  • use a fun and creative way to apply key messages about teamwork
  • achieve team-building in a new unique way
  • promote listening and tuning in to each other
  • demonstrate that a team can achieve outcomes greater than the sum of its individual efforts
  • create a climate where all contributions are valued and supported
  • promote co-operation and positive competition
  • demonstrate how an individual can effect the larger whole
  • leave the group more stimulated and energised, and thus more relaxed and receptive for other tasks

Benefits for your team:

  • creates powerful team spirit
  • stimulates creative thought processes and increases concentration
  • releases stress
  • enhances companionship
  • energises as well as relaxes
  • its fun!

You can use hands on drumming events for:

  • stress release and recharge
  • as part of team building programmes
  • icebreaker and relaxation sessions during training workshops and planning processes
  • conflict resolution
  • to celebrate an achievement
  • product launches and promotions
  • openings and closures of conferences

When you drum in a group, you work as a team, experiencing a great sense of unity

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